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when is x advertising effective

When is X (Twitter) Advertising Effective

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and advertising, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture the attention of their target audience.  Among the myriad advertising platforms, X Advertising (previously Twitter Advertising, and still referred to as Twitter Advertising by many) can be a powerful tool that can yield remarkable results when executed strategically.  

As of December 2023, 5.07% of active South African Social Media Users are using X – making it the fourth most popular Social Media Platform in South Africa.  It’s important to note that we have seen a downwards trend in usage, and X should no longer be among The Big 3 Social Media Platforms to Advertise On

We discussed the causes for this decline in our blog What Were the Effects of Elon’s Buyout of Twitter on Advertising back in September 2023, and X’s popularity has declined further since then.

Considering the continual decline of X’s popularity, this platform may not be right for your Paid Advertising efforts.  However, it still offers benefits to some brands.  This blog aims to delve into the intricacies of X Advertising, exploring what makes it effective and when it can be harnessed to achieve optimal outcomes.

Industries That Benefit the Most From X Advertising

To help you understand when X advertising is most effective, here’s a list of industries that benefit the most from advertising on Twitter.

Tech and Innovation

Technology-related industries often find success on X due to the platform’s tech-savvy user base.  Industries such as software development, consulting, and technology manufacturers, can leverage X’s advertising features to target individuals with a keen interest in technology and tech news.  Launching new products, sharing industry insights, and participating in tech discussions can yield positive results.

Entertainment and Media

With a large user base interested in pop culture, movies, and music, the entertainment industry thrives on X.  Movie releases, album launches, and celebrity engagements resonate well with the audience.  Celebrities can promote their personal brands and engage with fans easier on X than on Instagram, though both platforms are popular in the Entertainment Sector.

Retail and E-commerce

X is an ideal platform for promoting special offers, flash sales, and new product launches.  The platform’s visual emphasis also complements the retail industry’s need for appealing visuals.  X allows brands to target users based on their shopping interests, helping reduce ad spend wastage.

is advertising on twitter worth it

Industries That Should Approach X Advertising With Caution

X advertising isn’t for every business, here are some industries that should approach advertising on X with caution.

Highly Regulated Sectors

Industries like finance, healthcare and pharmaceutical, and legal services may face challenges due to strict regulations surrounding advertising content.  Advertisers in these sectors must navigate compliance issues carefully.

Niche B2B Services

X may not be the most effective platform for highly specialised B2B services that cater to a limited audience.  X’s targeting options don’t allow you to target decision makers or specific industries, so you’ll be forced to try reach your audience on what you assume their personal interests are.  This broad targeting approach when a more targeted approach is required, will result in ad spend wastage.  Rather look at LinkedIn Advertising for better conversion rates.

Effective Strategies For Running a X Ad Campaign

X advertising strategies

When it comes to running an ad campaign on X, here are some of the most effective strategies to implement.

Define Clear Objectives

Before launching a X Ad Campaign, it’s crucial to define clear and measurable objectives.  Whether it’s brand awareness, event promotion, lead generation, or website conversions, having specific goals will guide the entire campaign.

Target Audience Segmentation

X offers consumer-based targeting options, allowing advertisers to tailor their campaigns based on criteria such as location, language, device, age, and gender.  You can then narrow down the targeting based on conversations, events, interests, movies and TV shows, keywords, follower look-alikes, and engagement.  X also offers advertisers the opportunity to build custom audiences based on tracking from the X Pixel and Conversion API.  Understanding your target audience and utilising these parameters can significantly improve the campaign’s effectiveness.

Compelling Ad Creatives

Compelling content is the lifeblood of any successful advertising campaign.  Advertisers should focus on creating content that resonates with their audience, sparks engagement, and aligns with the brand’s identity.  In a sea of text, visuals stand out on X.  Tweets with images or videos consistently outperform text-only posts.  

Advertisers must invest in creating visually appealing content that captures attention and communicates the message effectively.  The power of a well-designed graphic or a compelling video snippet should not be underestimated.  Visuals should be designed to capture attention and convey the message effectively.  Use high-quality images, compelling copy, and a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) to encourage engagement.

Concise Messaging

The character limit on tweets demands concise and impactful messaging.  Advertisers must master the art of brevity, conveying their message in a way that grabs attention within a limited space.  Calls to action (CTAs) should be clear, compelling, and encourage immediate user interaction.  Due to the character limits, visuals becoming even more critical.

Test and Optimise

X’s analytics tools allow advertisers to monitor the performance of their campaigns in real-time.  Regularly analysing metrics such as engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversions enables advertisers to identify what is working and what needs adjustment.  A flexible approach that allows for iteration based on performance is key to long-term success.  Test different ad formats, ad placement, targeting options, and messaging to identify what resonates best with your audience.

X ads


X Advertising, when harnessed effectively, can be a powerful tool for businesses across various industries.  Its real-time nature, visual emphasis, and targeting options offer a unique environment for brands to connect with their audience.  Understanding the platform’s nuances, tailoring strategies to specific objectives, and learning from successful case studies can pave the way for impactful and sustainable X Advertising campaigns.  

As with any digital marketing endeavour, the key lies in continuous refinement, staying attuned to audience preferences, and adapting strategies to the ever-evolving landscape of social media.

Reach out to Digital Squeak to discuss your marketing objectives and see if X Advertising is right for your brand –

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