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We specialise in helping companies generate a measurable return on digital marketing investments.

We work with our clients to identify which area of their Digital Strategy needs the most attention, and ensure that we plug the holes and deliver successful campaigns.

Digital Squeak provides assistance in all aspects of Digital Marketing, from strategy and planning, to implementation and analysis.

Meet the Team

As specialists in our fields, we opted to work independent of the large agencies so that we can have the freedom to pursue our passions – professionally and personally.

pippa hamilton

Owner and Digital Media Specialist

Pippa is Digital Squeak’s Founder. In her hunt to balance her passion for digital marketing and her responsibilities as a single mom, she decided that the best solution was to start an agency that not only delivered exceptional service to clients, but provided the team with the freedom they needed to live their lives to the fullest.

When not busy with campaign management, strategies, clients, and general bossing, you’ll find Pippa running after to her gorgeous Little Man or relaxing with her cat.

inari cilliers

SMO Specialist

Inari is Digital Squeak’s SMO Specialist. She took an unusual, but meaningful, journey to get here. From law and lecturing to social media and digital marketing. She loves how much she has learnt along the way, gaining experience in everything from strategy development and community management to paid media and data analytics, across a broad range of tools and platforms.

When not busy with SMO, you’ll find Inari travelling the world and embracing all the new learning opportunities she can get her hands on.

kathryn donoghue

SEO Specialist

Kathryn is Digital Squeak’s SEO Specialist. She started her search engine optimisation journey as an SEO content writer before specialising in on-page SEO. Since then, she’s expanded her expertise into technical SEO and local SEO. She’s worked on sites ranging from e-commerce websites to blog sites. Her passion lies with helping websites show up and rank for more keywords, giving users the answers they're looking for, and optimising websites to appeal to search engines.

When not busy with SEO, you’ll find Kathryn doing yoga, spending time with her cats, drawing, or reading. ​

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